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After Installation

Rolling Sod 

Rolling sod insures that the sod is in good contact with the soil below. When Lavery’s installs sod, we roll the sod after a large area is installed and just before the customer starts watering the sod. We use a mechanized roller that an operator walks behind. A manual roller is fine too (early versions are a water-drum attached to a handle that you push through the yard). Rolling helps smooth seams between sod pieces and remove air pockets between the sod and soil. If you have created a smooth final grade and do not have access to a roller, the success of your installation should not be compromised because you can’t roll it. If you have a rough final grade and no access to a roller, there is a higher chance that the sod pieces may not be in full contact with the soil and the roots may not take hold in those areas.

Watering Sod

All sod installations should be watered immediately upon completion. The only exception to this rule occurs in winter-time installations. Winter installations have more flexibility for two reasons, 1) the sod is not under heat stress in the winter, and 2) winter-time TYPICALLY means precipitation! Winter sod installations should be watered if no precipitation happens within a few days of installation. Winter sod installations will involve less watering as moisture lasts longer in the cool times of year. See Irrigation section for more tips on watering.

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