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  • Please call ahead. More notice is always better, a few days usually being sufficient. Spring and fall delivery schedules can fill up fast!
  • We bring a piggy-back forklift with our delivery trucks unless you specify not to bring one. If you would like to maximize the delivery load, we can leave the forklift off the truck and put more sod on the truck. Depending on the moisture in the sod, we may only be able to put one or two more pallets of sod on the semi without the forklift. If you plan to off-load sod, you will need to be able to lift more than one ton to safely remove the sod pallets from the tractor trailer bed. Skid-steers can often move the sod pallets around a site but not LIFT them off the semi-bed.
  • Please consider the size of our delivery trucks. We try to make sure the roads leading to the delivery site are wide enough for our semis, but it is helpful if you know that our semis can get into and out of the delivery location. If you need tractor trailer load quantities but your site is only accessible by our smaller straight truck due to road condition limitations (sharp curves, narrow road, bridge weight restrictions) multiple delivery fees will be incurred for the multiple delivery trips.
  • At the job site, it is most efficient for our delivery drivers to off-load the sod pallets to one easily accessible location (for example: a driveway, parking lot, or open area nearby). If you are at the job site, or have the locations visibly marked, our delivery drivers can set the pallets in the areas to be sodded for you. We ask that you keep a few things in mind if you ask our driver to “spot” the pallets.
    • Our three-wheeled forklifts are not built for off-road adventures, so the driver will have to use his judgment on job sites that are steep or muddy. Safety is our priority, so we do not drive the piggy-back forklifts up or down steep inclines. Also, we do not want to get a forklift stuck or ruin a final grade by taking the forklift out into wet soil conditions.
    • Our three-wheeled forklifts are not built for speed. The most efficient deliveries involve dropping the pallets just off the delivery truck. If our delivery truck cannot get within 150 feet of your site, please notify us upon scheduling. It is time-consuming to travel long distances with the forklift, so we need to plan for our delivery truck and driver to be on one job site for an extended period. There may be a fee involved for carrying the pallets with the forklift over long distances.
    • Our three-wheeled forklifts are about 9 feet wide, so they will not be able to get through an 8 foot wide gate or between close buildings/trees.
    • If you ask us to take our forklift over established lawn areas, multiple trips over established lawn can cause damage, especially if the ground is wet.
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