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  • Installations are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. We usually know how long a certain installation will take, but weather and other factors can delay completion. We will keep in touch with scheduled installations so customers are informed if we need to arrive on a different day than originally planned. Also, weather or other factors at one job site may change their readiness for sod, so we may become available sooner than planned and we will call other scheduled installs to see if we can “bump them up” in the installation line-up, finishing their job earlier than originally planned. We do our best to accommodate all of our customers when they need our installation services.
  • Installations DO NOT include grading of the site. We do not have earth-moving equipment, so please have a plan for final grade preparation.
  • Installations DO include rolling of the completed installation. We have a mechanized, walk-behind roller. For safety purposes, we cannot use the roller on steep slopes.
  • Sod on steep inclines will be stapled.
  • Lime and fertilizer application at installation can be worked into the installation estimate upon request. (Fertilizer is not recommended for installations that occur in the heat of the year, and lime should only be added if a soil sample indicates it is needed.)
  • Installations DO NOT include watering. Plan to have your irrigation ready so that the sod can be watered as soon as we finish laying it.
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