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Kentucky Bluegrass


  • dark green, dense, low-growing turf with thin blade width and excellent leaf uniformity
  • forms dense sod via rhizomes (spreading stems that establish roots)
  • cool season grass best suited to sunny locations and well-drained soils, may tolerate part-shade, but will thin out over time in shaded areas
  • our 100% bluegrass turf is a blend of multiple Kentucky Bluegrass varieties
  • VA/MD Certified Seed is used to produce optimal yield

General Maintenance Requirements

  • somewhat higher maintenance turf than fescue
  • can require more fertilizer and watering than fescue
  • de-thatching (aerating) can become necessary over time
  • mowing height between 3 and 4 inches
  • bluegrass that is highly maintained can be mowed to lower heights, call us for more information on our specific bluegrass blend

Recommended Uses

  • athletic applications (sports fields, golf courses) or general lawns
VA Certified Sod available upon request
  • Low-mow varieties of 100% Kentucky Bluegrass are also available upon request. These varieties are only recommended for high maintenance projects with experienced turf professionals.
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