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Our Promise

Lavery's Sod Farm, Inc. provides a limited guarantee on sod sold. To cultivate the best quality turf, Lavery’s uses only certified seed. Lavery’s applies best management practices with respect to fertilizing, watering, and mowing to promote thick, healthy turf. The final product, whether it is turf type tall fescue or Kentucky bluegrass, is inspected prior to and upon harvesting to be free of weeds and disease. Our Limited Guarantee is valid 24 hours from time of delivery. Lavery’s Sod Farm, Inc. promises that the sod delivered will perform optimally in its new environment if the customer properly waters and maintains the new sod.

The customer’s responsibilities include proper preparation of the site and implementing the proper watering schedule as soon as the turf is installed. Pre-existing conditions such as poor soil quality and drainage issues that impair turf growth should be considered prior to a sod purchase and will not be covered in the 24 hour guarantee.

Lavery’s does not accept responsibility for aspects of the sod purchase and use beyond our control, such as:

  • Lack of watering/improper watering
  • Planting sod in areas devoid of topsoil
  • Sod not installed immediately upon delivery
  • Open spaces left between sod pieces during installation
  • Improper installation
  • Neglect
  • Disease and weeds inherent to site
  • Planting in direct shade

The extent of Lavery’s Sod Farm, Inc.’s responsibility will not exceed the re-supplying of the failed sod. In no event shall the cost of the sod replaced be greater than the cost of the original order. Purchased including delivery.

Purchases including installation will require complete acceptance of the work performed by the customer prior to the departure of the attending crew.

If you, the customer, are not immediately satisfied with the turf upon delivery, it is mandatory that you contact the office within 24 hours of the delivery or this guarantee will NOT be honored.

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