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  • If your yard has undesirable vegetation, such as bermudagrass, plan to spray the area multiple times with an herbicide containing glyphosate (e.g. Round-Up) as the active ingredient. Apply while the bermudagrass is actively growing (summer) to kill it. This process can take time & multiple applications. Bermudagrass does not normally die from a single application of glyphosate. After multiple sprayings over several weeks, the dead bermuda can be scraped up and removed from the yard.
  • If you have a shady yard and have difficulty growing a thick, healthy lawn, you may consider thinning the canopy by removing lower tree branches, or by removing the trees altogether.
  • It is always helpful to know what you are working with. Your local extension agent can provide a soil sample test kit, or you can hire a private service/lab to perform a soil analysis for you. After collecting soil samples, sending them for analysis, and receiving the results, you can amend the soil as recommended in the report. Soil samples can be taken here. An explanation of your soil sample results can be found here.
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